* What is DON'Q?

DON'Q is a free membership ONE STOP SOCIAL NETWORK AND TRANSACTIONS SOLUTIONS APP. We do offer various services also with charges, to extend its features and use. That allows us to put 100% of our focus on not only excellent service delivery but also fanatical customer satisfaction.


* Who can use DON'Q?

- Anyone 18 years & above or as approved in your country of residence


* Do I need a bank account to use DON'Q?

- No, as the ewallet allows for eCommerce savings, and you may deposit monies to other persons account, but you need a bank account for your bank savings/withdrawal transactions


* What is the eWallet account?

- The eWallet account is an online wallet or purse where you can make savings for different purposes including eShopping, osusu/akawo, eSavings/payments, and more for easy online transactions


* What is Deposit Credits?

- This refers to the electronic monies credited to a user or distributor/agent's DON'Q wallet, to sell to end users for eCommerce transactions. 


* What is and who can join the Enda Cooperative (popularly known as "Akawo/Osusu")?

- The Akawo/Osusu Cooperative is an open but regulated financial contribution community, where members each receive weekly/monthly total sum contributed. It is also a measure for personal monthly savings discipline, to enable users achieve their financial goals. Anyone may join the community but must have an ewallet account


* Who is a distributor?

- A distributor is a DON'Q trade partner/super agent who buys large volumes of the Deposits Credits (usually between N1m to N5m) or our other products, to resell through or to the agents or end users/customers


* Who is an agent?

- An agent is a DON'Q trade partner who buys smaller volumes of the Deposits Credits (usually between N15,000 to N999,999) or our other products, to resell to the end users/customers. Agents MUST TRANSACT A MINIMUM OF N150,000 MONTHLY.



- Super Agents (distributor): register with a minimum of N1,000,000 to N5,000,000 purchase. Super Agents MUST TRANSACT A MINIMUM OF N1,000,000 MONTHLY.


* How do I register as an agent?

- You register as a an agent by downloading the DON'Q app from our website or the Google playstore (available soon), and following the registration procedure after installation.


* How do I get or buy the DON'Q Wallet Deposits Credits as an agent?

- You must download the app and make an online payment or bank transfer of the cash value of your desired credits purchase amount, to any of DON'Q Technologies designated bank accounts, after your registration have been confirmed. Send the payments details through the app to us for confirmation. After which you will be credited with equivalent value of Deposits Credits purchased.


* What is service charge?

- It is DON'Q charges for your in-app services transactions done using the free membership app

Important: Payments are non-refundable, including fees and other charges. Please see additional details in our Refund Policy.


* How much can I withdraw?

- DON'Q business model allow users to access withdrawals through our agents for their completed eCommerce transactions. However, DON'Q withdrawals are limited to N10,000 per withdrawal/transaction


* What payment models for services are available?

DON'Q offers various payment models for paying for services including:

- Pay as you go subscription: (one off purchase)

- Pre-paid Plan (Pay by monthly premium subscription)

- Pay by bulk (for 3 months, for 6 months, per annum and enjoy discounted prices)

- DON'Q Credit Loans (Use and pay later from your next Deposits Credits)

- DON'Q Referrals Income Savings (Use your Deposits Credits earned and converted from your referral points)

- DON'Q Earn while you Use (Use Deposits Credits earned from user points, gained from your frequent usage of the DON'Q mobile app)


* How secure is the app?

- Our servers are very secure with latest Internet SSL certificate measures used, and our app was developed with the current encryption technology by cyber crime frontline security professional developers.


* Where do I download the DON'Q app?

- You may download the app from our domain www.donq.live or Google playstore (available soon)